Pitch Perfect

It was a week of beer, cheese and hors d’oeuvres and what a fantastic and highly engaging week it was. Three weeks ago, our Host Company Independent Brewing from Carraroe set the class a task asking them to provide them with solutions to a problem their company are currently facing.

I guess it had an ‘Apprentice’ feeling about it as the class were divided into teams and had three weeks to develop a concept and pitch the solution to the company (a panel of 8). Competition was fierce amongst the teams and using the tools and concepts they have acquired throughout the course to date, they developed innovative and practical solutions for the host company. There was a great energy around this project as the teams learnt all about team dynamics and bonded over beer tastings, report writing, questionnaires, learning all things social media and finally, and for many, the most daunting – the fear of presenting, pitching an idea in 7 minutes and public speaking!

Each team delivered their presentations to a panel that included members of the host company, the course lectures, my good self and some independent assessors. The presentations were fantastic, the solutions were innovative, creative and outright brilliant and the panel were highly engaged and overwhelmed. Personally, I was proud of the level of commitment, determination and professionalism the students demonstrated. They are without doubt true entrepreneurs and I am already looking forward to the day they pitch their own food ideas at the end of this course.


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