First Day Nerves…..

While the Galway class were in study mode this week learning food safety management and all things HACCP, I together with Dr Lisa Ryan and Brendan Allen got to roadtrip to the beautiful County of Mayo for no better reason than to welcome a new class of budding food entrepreneurs! Eighteen highly enthusiastic students arrived on the GMIT Castlebar campus on Thursday morning laden with some great food ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Personally, I love the first day of this course as it is so exciting having the opportunity to meet so many likeminded people in one room and hearing their fantastic concepts and backgrounds. Of course we had the normal awkward first day introductions which I think I stumble over more than most, but new friendships were imminent once the coffee break was in full swing. The ever inspiring Brendan Allen got the creative thinking started this morning with plenty of group work and brainstorming, together with various creations made from spaghetti and marshmallows!!! Sharing his own story Brendan took the students on a journey of the highs and lows of any new food business which left the students feeling interested, motivated and excited. What a great two days in Castlebar and a wonderful new group of students. Looking forward to the great businesses that will hit Mayo and beyond after this course is finished.


One thought on “First Day Nerves…..

  1. Fantastic Maria! I am almost jealous of your new students! This course has ignited my life and Is giving me the confidence to progress with my ideas. I love every minute of it, even the essay writing…..

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