Practise Makes Perfect

With only five weeks to go until the students have to pitch their business idea and business plan to a panel of experts, using the phrase practise makes perfect seems quite apt right now. Yesterday Brendan Allen put the students through their paces and asked them to deliver a 1 minute pitch on their business idea to the class. The students offered feedback and constructive criticism to each other, you have to love peer learning! However, Brendan wasn’t shy in offering his opinion and very honest feedback on their pitches also!! He did hammer home that practise will make perfect and that it is the only way to ensure the pitch is delivered, smooth, informative and effective. I was so impressed with the pitches, it was like watching a different group of students to the people I had met on the first day of the course. The business concepts have been refined and developed (some have changed completely) and the increase in the students’ confidence levels was phenomenal! Some of the students are heading to the Food and Technology Start up weekend in Galway on Friday to pitch their food business ideas – how amazing is that. I am so excited to see them in action and looking forward to a fun filled weekend

In the afternoon, the class had the privilege of meeting local entrepreneur, the very successful Peter Boland (Cases Wine Warehouse). Peter was hugely motivating and spoke to the class so honestly and open. He encouraged them all to “do it now”. Feeling inspired and motivated the class left for the evening (to work on their business plans, no doubt). Today, Dr. Lisa Ryan and Dr. Francesco Noci are educating the class on new product design and novel processing techniques. With their expertise and extensive background in this area, today promises to be highly informative and engaging.  There is nothing these two don’t know when it comes to food and science!

Im off to meet the students on the course in Castlebar tomorrow with Nick Allen (CEO, Whitwell Consultancy). Nick will push everyone outside their comfort zones tomorrow as he focuses on communication and presentation skills, the joys of public speaking! I am looking forward to picking up some tips.


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