Facts, Figures and Group Dynamics

Its all about business plans, pitches and financials this week as the students on the Galway course met with Declan Droney (www.declandroney.com) to prepare, forecast and finalise their businesses facts and figures. With the final day of the course looming, the students have two weeks to finalise their business plans and prepare to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges, no pressure! Branding and market touchpoints also played a significant part in this week’s lecture with Declan providing the students with an abundance of information and advice on these key elements to business. To end the week, Declan decided to surprise the class by asking them to deliver an ‘on the spot’ unprepared pitch – who doesn’t love spontaneous public speaking!  Although there may be some nerves, the class are excited and motivated (and possibly a little sad that the course is coming to an end) to embark on the next stage of their start up journey. It has been an exhilarating four months to date but a very exciting two weeks lie ahead.

While the students in Galway are busy working towards their final presentation, the students on the Castlebar campus prepare themselves to deliver their first presentation. Working on a group project in conjunction with Café Rua (@Rua_Mayo), the students in Castlebar are putting team theory into practise and finding out how to embrace team dynamics. With a very interesting project to work on, the groups are using the knowledge and skills they have acquired over the past few weeks to implement some very innovative processes. Their first presentation will take place on Friday, 13th May – I hope nobody is too superstitious!

Next week is shaping up to be a very interactive week with Olivia Lavelle (@OLavelle) delivering a social media workshop, Maria Staunton speaking about the Innovation Hub, GMIT Castlebar, and some mock presentations included for good measure!


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